Section 5:

Key Content

Level 1

  • Description of existing business model and KPIs and identification of where these may cause or contribute to modern slavery

Level 2

As Level 1, plus:

  • Proposed new modern slavery KPIs (outcomes, not outputs) to measure progress against commitments set out in the modern slavery statement, with rationale for each KPI
  • Evidence that modern slavery KPIs have been produced in collaboration with external stakeholders

Level 3

As Level 2, plus:

  • Regular review of progress against new modern slavery KPIs with evidence of impact on workers
  • Evidence of change in business practices to prevent and reduce MS risks (see Column 1)

Suggested information to include

  • Description of existing KPIs (e.g. organisation-wide objectives or objectives embedded in performance standards for particular groups of staff)
  • An action plan that sets out the organisation’s commitments over the next 12 months and aligns KPIs with those commitments
  • KPIs that are tailored to the specific actions on modern slavery the organisation has committed to
  • KPIs evidence outcomes, not outputs (e.g. measuring changes in awareness of modern slavery among key employees – not just measuring how many people have received training)
  • Evidence that findings from ongoing monitoring and review have fed into and influenced business practices
  • Details of audit, inspection and review practices (e.g. which third-party auditors are used, what the process is for conducting an audit, what findings are gathered, how the data is then used, etc.)
  • Evidence of stakeholder engagement in compiling KPIs, alongside evidence of referral (where appropriate) to established best practice