Section 6:

Key Content

Level 1

  • Overview of existing training policies and procedures relevant to modern slavery
  • Training needs assessment with list of particular groups (including suppliers) that should receive modern slavery training/capacity building
  • Plan (with specific timebound objectives) to develop and roll out appropriate modern slavery training/capacity building initiatives and evaluation system

Level 2

As Level 1, plus:

  • Evidence that modern slavery modules are included in existing training programmes and/or that a specific modern slavery training and capacity building programme has been developed, with understanding and skills identified and assessed

Level 3

As Level 2, plus:

  • Measures of training outcomes (e.g. changes in awareness) and capacity building outcomes (e.g. changes in number/quality of supplier due diligence plans)
  • Evidence of ongoing review and revision of training and capacity building
  • Evidence that training and capacity building programme has been developed in consultation with external stakeholders

Suggested information to include

  • Which groups have been provided with training (e.g. buying teams, senior management, specific contractors, suppliers and their workers) and which groups have not
  • Who provides training and capacity building activities
  • What the objectives and outcomes are for each activity mentioned
  • How training and capacity building take place (e.g. workshops, webinars, videos, manuals, eLearning, etc.)
  • Evidence and detail of stakeholder collaboration in developing and implementing training and capacity building programmes
  • Information on the frequency and regularity of training
  • External training that your employees, or your suppliers’ employees, have participated in (such as training provided by the Ethical Trading Initiative)